Is Jane Iredale a Real Person?

Natural Products that Nurture your Skin

jane-spring-flingJane Iredale brought mineral makeup to the aesthetic industry in 1994 and was the first to introduce natural products that nurture the skin. She was inspired to develop a makeup that was good for the skin by her career in the entertainment industry where she saw actresses and models struggling with the ill-effects of the many kinds of makeup they wore.  Her experience in working with women whose careers depended on a clear complexion allowed her to see how skin disorders and sensitivities not only threatened careers, but also destroyed self-confidence.

Jane has always thought of makeup as an essential part of a woman’s sense of well-being and she wanted to make that easy to achieve. That’s why her mineral powders are a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one, and why every product in the line is multi-functional.  Her goal is to make products that look good, feel good and are good for the skin.  Products must be easy to apply, as well, so that a woman can be her best in the shortest amount of time.

Jane’s success in reaching women of all ages and nationalities is based on the belief that true makeup artistry comes not from trying to make a face conform to the latest fashion trends, but from enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty and, as a result, allowing her personality to shine. Bravo Jane!

And by the way… we carry an extensive line of Jane Iredale good for your skin make-up at both Rosewater Spa of Oakville and Rosewater Spa of Burlington locations. No time to pop by? Take a peek at Rosewater Boutique.

What’s Your Skin Type?

Pointers on Identifying Your Skin Type

Confused young womanThere you are, sharing a glass of wine with friends, when the topic of skin care comes up. Two of your friends recommend a product that you are not sure is appropriate for your skin type. What is your skin type, by the way? Normal? Sensitive? Here are the basics and differences of skin types:

Dry Skin: Your skin feels dry and tight, and sometimes you can see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Fine lines may be present around your eye and lip contour areas.

Normal or Combination Skin: Your skin has an even tone, and is not overly dry or oily. From time to time you may experience oiliness on your chin, nose and forehead or dryness on your cheeks, lips and around your eye contour area.

Oily Skin: Your skin is shiny, has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes. Oily skin doesn’t show lines easily, however it needs to be maintained to prevent breakouts.

Sensitive Skin: Your skin is delicate with fine pores, is often irritated and is prone to redness. Sensitive skin is often genetic and can also react to diet, changes in weather, hormonal imbalance and certain cosmetic products.

Next time you’re considering a facial, book a customized facial at Rosewater Spa. Your professionally trained Aesthetician will identify your skin type and offer helpful advice for keeping your skin as soft and smooth as a baby’s bum. Well, sort of.

Do Guys Really Go To Spas?

Yes Sir-eee They Sure Do!

Man With Clay Facial Mask In Beauty Spa.Back when Rosewater Spa of Oakville opened in March of 2001, an emerging trend was identified. Men going to spas. Now, fourteen years later, today’s top spas are gender-neutral, proving that men have caught on to a concept that women have known about for years. Conde Nast Traveler reported that 35% of spa goers are male. We expect that number to continue increasing as men come to realize that spa treatments have a spill-over affect in other areas of their lives.

Spa therapies play two important roles for men. The first is stress management. The second is personal presentation, specifically in the grooming department. Women are no longer content with a unibrow that takes on a life of its own, rough feet that could shred paper, and dirty, chewed up finger nails. Good grooming and manners also play a part in career advancement. Body treatments and wraps, facials, nail care, and registered massage therapies are all in the arsenal of today’s man’s man. Come.

Wellness Wednesdays at Rosewater Spas

How Rosewater Spas Give Back to the Community

Liz Belford, founder of Rosewater Spa was recently interviewed by Hamilton Spectator reporter, Amy Kenny to talk about Put The Roses Back in Your Cheeks and why it’s still the best kept secret of the decade. Every Wednesday morning, at both Rosewater Spa locations, a complimentary 90 minute Rosewater Wrap ‘n Nap body treatment is given (absolutely free and with no strings attached) to a person recovering from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Put The Roses Back in Your Cheeks has been part of the Rosewater experience since Rosewater Spa of Oakville opened in 2001. This program, offered on Wellness Wednesdays, is one of the ways Liz Belford and the team at Rosewater Spa give back to the community.

Please share Put The Roses Back in Your Cheeks with someone you love. All that is needed to book an appointment is a doctor’s note saying the individual has finished therapy and is cleared for a spa treatment.  … because THEY deserve it!


How Do I Compare Registered Massage Therapy at Rosewater Spa and a Clinic?

Rosewater Spa invites you to come to your senses!There is no comparison between a Registered Massage Therapy treatment at Rosewater Spa versus one in a clinical setting

While the Registered Massage Therapy treatment, insurance coverage, and issuing of receipts is identical… it’s the environment that is completely different. Going to a clinic is well, clinical. Experiencing Rosewater Spa is an awakening!

arrive a few minutes early and enjoy some quiet time and a cup of Rosewater teaThe moment you walk in to your Rosewater Spa, all of your senses will be engaged and heightened. You will be present; invited to take in the ambiance, the soft music, fragrances, and warm hospitality that is beyond compare.

Both Rosewater Spa locations (Oakville and Burlington) offer a relaxing selection of massage treatments. Choose from Swedish Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Hot Stone Therapy Massage, Thalassotherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Reflexology. Slip on over to our Registered Massage Therapy page to learn more.

Your relaxing Registered Massage Therapy experience may begin with a private Eucalyptus steam (Oakville & Burlington) or Infrared Sauna session (Burlington), which will aid in the elimination of harmful toxins. Complimentary with any massage. Please request at time of booking.

Come to your senses!

Spa Basics

Welcome back to basics at Rosewater Spa3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spa Experience

This week, it is back to spa basics to help our clients make the most of their Rosewater Spa experience. We cherish your memories as much as you do, and we want your visit to be perfect!

  1. Book-off the time you’ll spend with us and let people know you’ll be unavailable for a few hours. This way your visit can be a true getaway, and you’ll return to your day relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.
  2. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to allow transition time. Shed your cares, slip into a sumptuous robe and sip some Rosewater herbal tea in our retreat to begin your journey of rejuvenation. Want a preview of the Rosewater?
  3. Unplug. Turn off your electronic devices, unwind and think about…

…nothing. You’re always welcome at Rosewater Spa. Talk to us about how to choose your next Rosewater Spa experience.

Ask An Aesthetician: Which Facial Should I Choose?

FacialHow do I know what is appropriate for my skin?

At the Rosewater, we are often asked this (terrific) question during the booking of appointments. That’s why we are devoting time this week to answer the question of “which facial to choose” the first time you visit Rosewater Spa.

We recommend making an appointment for a custom facial, meaning your treatment will be customized to your unique needs. Your skin care professional will evaluate your skin under a magnifying lamp, listen to your needs, and suggest a treatment that is right for you.

From organic and high performance to hot towel (for men) and pure radiance, all of our facials include skin analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, mask and extractions at the discretion of your Aesthetician.

Now you know! Go ahead, book your customized facial today! If this is your first visit to Rosewater Spa, sign up for the Rosewater Customer Loyalty Program (it’s free) and start earning rewards today.

No Time to Get Away?

Take a staycation at Rosewater SpaRelax and Unwind at Rosewater Spa in Oakville and Burlington

We understand. It’s not always possible to pack up and go, but a change of scenery does the mind, body and soul good. That’s why we’d like to suggest booking a staycation at your favourite Rosewater Spa.

Give yourself a few well deserved hours off and enjoy an in-town getaway. We’ll make you feel as if you’ve been away for a week (and you won’t have to do piles of laundry when you get back). At Rosewater Spas you’ll be saying spahhhh… before you know it!

Rosewater Spas Ask: Going South for March Break?

mobile_snap3Who could blame you for wanting to escape the cold?

If you’ve decided to leave your ear muffs behind, remember the sun and soaring temperatures can make you sick, especially if you are not accustomed to them (like right now in Ontario). My sister and I just returned from the sunny south. It was a glorious week!

At Rosewater Spas, we want you to know that at highest risk for heat-related reactions are the elderly, young children, and people with chronic illnesses – but even young and healthy people can get sick if they participate in strenuous physical activities in the heat.

Here are 5 strategies that will help you prevent heat-related illnesses:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (other than alcohol which causes dehydration)
  • Use sunscreen
  • Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing
  • Schedule outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day
  • Rest often and opt for the shade whenever possible

Overheating can result in heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The Centres for Disease Control points out that “symptoms include excessive thirst, profuse sweating, headache, dizziness or confusion, and nausea. If you or anyone you are traveling with develops these symptoms, get out of the sun and try to cool off by fanning or getting in the water. Heatstroke is a life-threatening medical emergency; get medical attention if symptoms persist.”

Play safe this March break. We’ll miss you!

Biodroga Skin Care Incentive Tour 2014

badenbaden1‘Taking the Waters’ and Naked Germans

Once again (my 5th time I believe) I had the honour, along with one of my senior aestheticians, of going to Baden-Baden Germany for 5 days, all expenses paid, as guests of Biodroga Systems.

For those of you who are new to Rosewater Spas, Biodroga Skin Care, one of our principle skin care lines is a brand name that stands for exclusive biological beauty skin care, headquartered in the charming German SPA town of Baden-Baden.

Just back a week ago, I am so excited to share with you some of the highlights of this incredible experience. You wouldn’t believe what we did in just 5 days!

  • hands on training with their International Trainer
  • guided tour of the Biodroga facilities with their head chemist
  • open discussions with other spa owners on skin care trends
  • power walks in the foothills of the Black Forest in the am before class every day
  • day trip to Strasbourg, France…ooh la la with an unplanned stop at a winery for a dégustation of local Reislings, Gewurztraminers and Kirsch.

BadenBadenI just have to go in to more detail here about the true highlight for me personally.

One of the greatest treasures of Baden-Baden undoubtedly is Friedrichsbad, an amazing Roman-Irish bathhouse built in 1869 over the ruins of the original Roman baths, where bathing and wallowing in the thermal waters is as much a tradition today as it was two thousand years ago.

A flight from Toronto to Frankfurt over night, a 3 hour bus ride and a 5 minute walk from our hotel led me to begin my journey of partaking of the curative waters. Talk about a detox & anti-jet lag! Prepare to abandon modesty (and clothing) as this 2 hour experience takes you through a maze of rooms opulently appointed with marble floors, painted tiles, cupolas, colonnades and frescoed walls.

The experience of Friederichsbad resembles a unique treasure hunt. You follow a sequence that is inscribed on the wall in each room, specifying how much time you should spend there. It begins with a leisurely shower followed by a warm-air bath, then a hot-air bath that makes the perspiration flow in healthy torrents, releasing toxins.

After anPicMonkey Collage2other shower to cool off you are given an invigorating soap-and-brush massage…you know it’s over with a slap on the derrière. You then enter the inhalation steam bath where you can rest & breathe deeply, and then on to a series of thermal pools of varying temperatures where you can either rest in the water or swim gently and enjoy the solitude, disturbed only by the resounding echo of footsteps and occasional whispers.

Then the treasure: a round, tepid pool under an enormous dome, flooded with natural light and decorated with the finest marble and statutes. If you tear yourself away from this lovely pool the following phase is a hot bath with bubbling jets, terminating in a quick dip into a shocking 18 degree Celsius pool (I chickened out on this last station I must confess). Then you enter a tranquil rotunda with small beds where you are wrapped up in warm Then you enter a tranquil rotunda with small beds where you are wrapped up in warm blankets and left to rest or nap.

Bliss personified…adieu jet lag.

Posted by Liz Belford June 2014