Rosewater Spa of Oakville recognized as one of Canada’s Top 25 Spas!

Spa Awards
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Roger Sholanki, CEO of Book4Time, spAWARDS Sponsor.

Put the Roses Back in Your Cheeks:  A program for recovering cancer patients

This is one of the best kept secrets in Oakville … and frankly we don’t understand why. Put The Roses Back in Your Cheeks is a unique and completely complimentary program that focuses on helping recovering cancer patients feel better.

“My complimentary Wrap ‘n Nap was a true delight – wonderful to be transported so far away from the world of cancer. Your professional staff give the Rosewater a ‘heart and soul’ that so many spas lack. Thank you so very much for this lovely gift.”  Shirl Davis, Oakville. Learn more about Put The Roses Back in Your Cheeks.