Our Community

Our Community

We believe in community support. Rosewater Spa is a proud corporate sponsor, creator, and faithful participant in many programs designed to better our community. We’re committed to leaving a Rosewater legacy.

Oakville Hospital Foundation’s Navigator Program for 2013

Rosewater Spa Navigator Program PartnershipDid you know 1 in 5 Ontarians under the age of 18 are struggling with a mental health issue? Help us give children’s mental illness the boot! Support the mental wellness Navigator Program and your tax deductible donation will be matched by Rosewater Spa, then multiplied 2.5 times through other foundations. Donate today and help Oakville’s leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about Navigator at www.navigatorcampaign.com then visit the Rosewater corporate fundraising page at http://bit.ly/11Kq02I

Put the Roses Back in Your Cheeks

RosesThis is one of the best kept secrets in Oakville … and frankly we don’t understand why. This unique and completely complimentary program focuses on helping recovering cancer patients feel better. We know …in this day and age – it’s hard to believe anyone does something for nothing. But we stand behind our commitment to “Wellness Wednesdays” …the day we offer radiation and chemotherapy patients our gift of caring hands and open arms. Please share this with someone you know, have them give us a call and allow our specially trained and caring staff to bring a smile to the cheeks of someone you love.

Project Honeycomb: Fundraising Initiative for Oakville Hospital Foundation 2010-2012

Rosewater Spa of Oakville created an exclusive donation matching program called Project Honeycomb in support of the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Every dollar donated grew 4 times its original value through the Rosewater’s matching program, furthered by the Birmingham Family’s matching program. Do the math! A donation of $50 turned into $200. Sweet!

LexusLexus Logo

A serendipitous event. Rosewater Spa is pleased to be partnering with Lexus of Oakville on their Customer Recognition and Appreciation Program. Both our organizations are guided by the ‘pursuit of excellence’ in all that we do. First class facilities, top notch specialists, renowned customer service and people who care, are the cornerstones of our businesses. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen and respond to our customers’ needs. From wheels to peels … we’re simply the best!

Halton Women’s Place Donation ProgramMakeup

You know the unused makeup,beauty products, novels and unopened toiletries hiding in the back of your drawer or cupboard? Drop off those valuable gems to the Rosewater. We accumulate and regularly deliver donated products to Halton Women’s Place. A little effort (and a reminder) can make a huge difference in another woman’s life. Please share our passion to help. “The staff, residents and volunteers of Halton Women’s Place would like to thank you for your donation of beauty products and bags. The kindness that you have shown has provided hope for a safer tomorrow. Thank you for thinking of us.” Sincerely, Halton Women’s Place

Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Rosewater Spa has participated in this important community event since 2002. In 2007 the Rosewater Spa team raised $5,400 pushing our total donations over the $53,000 mark Relay for LIfe supports Canadian Cancer Society and encourages communities across Canada to get together on one night to make a statement about cancer – and honour those who have fought the battle. We are proud to be part of this important mission.